Man wanted to disrupt stock exchange over ‘Israeli apartheid’


A 31-year-old man was arrested for his alleged plot to disrupt the London Stock Exchange on Monday.

The man and his accomplices allegedly wanted to disrupt the oldest stock exchange’s operations in protest against England’s “support of Israeli apartheid”.

London’s police say Sean Middleborough, from Liverpool, is charged with conspiracy to cause a public disturbance.

Five other people – three women and two men – were also arrested, but have since been released on bail.

According to the police, a local newspaper received information that members of the protest group Palestine Action planned to stop the stock exchange from trading.

The Daily Express reported that the group wanted to institute a week-long protest action against British businesses which they say are “complicit with Israeli apartheid”.

“The London Stock Exchange raises billions of pounds for the apartheid state of Israel and actively boasts about their support for Israeli businesses,” said Palestine Action on X (formerly Twitter).

“The exchange also trades shares of weapons manufacturers that arm Israel to commit its genocide.”

Members of the group planned to climb the two revolving doors at the front of the London Stock Exchange building, where they would strap themselves in and fire fake banknotes, painted red to represent blood, from “money guns”.

They would then have tried to fasten their necks to the glass entrance with bicycle locks.

However, the group never got the chance to carry out their plans.

The police detective Sian Thomas says the group was ready to carry out a “disruptive and harmful” protest march “with potentially serious consequences if carried out successfully”.