Marius Weyers’ wife dies


Evette Weyers, famous artist and spouse of Marius Weyers, died at the age of 77.

She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2019, and has since been cared for by Marius at their home in Rooiels in the Western Cape. She passed away peacefully just after two o’clock today, with Marius by her side.

Dr. Chris Vorster, longtime close friend of Marius and Evette, confirmed the news to RNews earlier today.

“She was without a doubt the most important person in his life from start to finish. They were inseparable for decades,” Chris told RNews.

She leaves a huge void in the lives of those she leaves behind, Sandra Prinsloo, longtime friend of Marius and Evette, told RNews this afternoon.

“She was an incredibly unique person. I have never met anyone who had such an interesting head. She was positive and never afraid of life,” remembers her friend Sandra.

Sandra befriended the Weyers couple in her twenties, and cherishes many memories of her time with Evette on film sets. She remembers the last film in which she and Marius played side by side, where she could spend hours with Evette during the filming period.

They shared a love for animals and nature, and could often go for walks together during this period.

“She was a wonderful friend to talk to and had a childlike excitement about nature – an absolute nature person.”

“But she was also a wonderful artist who made beautiful images; no image was made without a poetic touch,” Sandra told movingly.

“There was a poem for every image, a message captured in it. She also always said the nicest things.”

Sandra went to visit Marius and Evette on Sunday, a day for which Sandra is very grateful today.

“She and Marius could laugh so much and draw out each other’s souls. Her love for Marius, their love for each other, was wonderful to witness.”