Mass Immigration: Ordinary People Vs. the elite


In every Western country, from the United States of America (USA) to the United Kingdom, in the whole of Western Europe and even in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, a large majority of the population is strongly opposed to mass immigration.

Even in South American countries such as Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, ordinary citizens are tired of the influx of illegal immigrants from poorer countries.

Mass immigration, and especially illegal immigration, is the single political issue that could have a huge impact on Western governments, elections and ultimately the future of Western civilization this year. The world is currently experiencing a huge population shift with millions of people from poor, often failing countries in Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Asia in particular flocking to Western countries.

In the USA, between six and seven million people immigrated to the USA illegally in the first three years of Joe Biden’s presidency. A majority of Americans want to see stricter immigration control and it is already clear that illegal immigration will be one of the most important issues in the US presidential election this year.

In Europe, the huge increase in legal and illegal immigration to the Netherlands was one of the main reasons why voter sentiment swung sharply to the right in November last year and around two-thirds of voters voted for right-wing parties. A new government, which will soon be formed, is likely to introduce strict legislation against illegal immigration and the number of people who can apply for asylum each year will also be substantially reduced.

Also in Germany, Austria, Sweden and Finland there is strong civil protest against mass immigration. In Sweden and Finland, the governments have already started to restrict immigration. In this year’s election in Austria, two right-wing parties are expected to win, which will lead to strict new laws against mass immigration.

One third of all people living in Germany have an immigrant background. Most Germans are sick and tired of the consequences of mass immigration which include an increase in crime, a housing shortage, huge spending on allowances for refugees and immigrants and a decline in German culture and identity. Elections are taking place in three German states this year and voters there are likely to take a strong stand against immigration.

In Britain, the Conservative Party, which has been in power for more than a decade, has completely failed to stop immigration. More than a million people arrived in Britain legally and illegally last year. It is expected that the British will go to the polls in a general election later this year and that the Conservative Party will suffer a huge defeat.

However, one of the major challenges for most Western countries and governments is the constant subservience to so-called international law. While rich Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Eastern countries such as China, Japan and South Korea take in almost no refugees and follow a strict anti-immigration policy, Western countries let their policy be determined by aspects such as the European Convention on Human Rights , United Nations treaties and general perceptions about the rights of refugees.

At the current rate of immigration, Western civilization will cease to exist in a few decades. Western identities and cultures will be completely lost. We will see over the next few months whether ordinary citizens in Western countries are ready to draw the final line against mass immigration.

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