Matthew Perry’s drug death investigation


US police said on Tuesday that the investigation into the death of actor Matthew Perry is continuing.

How the actor obtained the drug is now the subject of the legal investigation.

Perry, 54, known for his role in the sitcom Friendswas found dead in a swimming pool at his luxury mansion in Los Angeles last year.

Perry played the beloved character of Chandler Bing for ten years, and his death triggered a global outpouring of grief from fans, colleagues and friends.

An autopsy found his death was caused by the “acute effect of ketamine”.

Perry struggled for decades with his addiction to drugs, including ketamine, and at one stage relied on the use of ketamine daily.

Perry, however, apparently used the drug in a controlled manner as part of controlled therapy before his death, but did not have a therapy session a few days before his death.

While only small amounts of the drug were found in his stomach, high levels were found in his bloodstream.

“Based on the medical examiner’s findings, the Los Angeles Police Department, with the help of the United States Narcotics Police, the Drug Law Enforcement Unit (DEA) and the country’s postal service inspectors (United States Postal Inspection Service), is investigating the circumstances of Perry’s death continue,” said a statement by the police.

Doctors and veterinarians often use ketamine as an anesthetic, and researchers have investigated the drug as a treatment for depression. The drug is abused for its hallucinogenic effect.

Perry’s sudden death in October drew shocked reactions from Hollywood’s A-list celebrities, Friends-attracted fans worldwide and his co-stars.

“This one cut deep,” admitted Jennifer Aniston, known as Rachel Green Friendssaid.