Mauritius weather service hacked after cyclone


Cyclone Belal is currently moving away from Mauritius, but in the meantime there is unhappiness over the island’s weather service, which is said to have failed to detect the approaching storm.

Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius, criticized the weather service on Monday and announced that its director had submitted his resignation.

“I am surprised that the approaching heavy rain was not foreseen by the weather service. I share the anger of many Mauritians. Those responsible will have to accept their responsibilities,” Jugnauth said.

The highest possible cyclone warning issued on Tuesday morning has since been withdrawn as the storm moves away from the island.

The Mauritius Meteorological Service (MMS) said on Tuesday morning that Cyclone Belal was currently moving eastwards away from the island after it was announced just three hours earlier that the cyclone warning was being raised to level four – the highest level.

However, new information indicates that Belal is currently raging about 210 km from Blue Bay, southeast of Mauritius.

“It is moving away from our region in a general east-southeast direction at a speed of about 18 km/h. There is therefore no longer any risk of cyclonic conditions over Mauritius, but other environmental risks do exist,” according to the MMS.

Several flights that were due to depart from Mauritius to South Africa on Tuesday were canceled due to tropical cyclone Belal which caused great damage to the island on Monday.

Belal left about 8,400 of the island’s nearly 1.3 million residents without power, while numerous cars were swept away by floodwaters.

The local police also confirmed that the body of a motorcyclist was found on a flooded highway. The motorcyclist was apparently the victim of a road accident.

Residents of Mauritius were instructed to stay indoors on Monday, but the restriction was lifted on Tuesday morning.

However, the public is still advised to remain vigilant and remain in their shelters for the time being.