Max’s work ethic makes him unique


According to Jacques Villeneuve, the reason for Red Bull’s astonishing success is simple: Max Verstappen.

The 26-year-old Dutchman not only clinched his third world championship title in a row in 2023, but he also won 19 races.

A new record.

“Red Bull actually had to fight hard this year for a good place on the starting grid. It’s not at all like in the days when Mercedes dominated things – they were at times a whole second faster than their opponents in the qualifying rounds. And then a rooster crowed about it,” said Villeneuve.

According to the 52-year-old Canadian, the RB19 fire truck is indeed a competitive racing car, but Verstappen made the biggest difference.

“Max will dedicate his whole day to F1 – he just never seems to get tired. When he gets out of his race car, he still thinks about the races and how to improve. That’s all that matters to him.”

Villeneuve believes that none of the other racers have the same passion for the sport.

“Perhaps Fernando Alonso is also a bit like Max, but the rest are busy with other things as soon as they get the chance.”

“If they all focused like Verstappen, they might have been on his level.”

While much has been written about the Red Bull star’s ability to keep his aggression in check, Villeneuve believes that his will to win also plays a huge role in his success.

“Max always gives his very best – no matter if it’s the first or the last race of the year. He is on the racetrack and he simply wants to win.”

Christian Horner wholeheartedly agrees with Villeneuve’s point of view.

“I think one can now speak of Max in the same breath as of Jack Brabham, Ayrton Senna, Niki Lauda and Sir Jackie Stewart. Everything he has done behind the wheel of his race car this year has been simply phenomenal,” said the Red Bull team principal.