Mbombela murders: Mobile phones go missing


The couple who were found dead in a house in Mbombela on Christmas Day may have been robbed.

Albert Greyvenstein, owner of Bossies Community Justice and AG Solutions, confirmed to RNews that Ilonka Craucamp and Shawn Pretorius’ mobile phones are missing.

He also initially confirmed that Craucamp’s firearm was missing. However, this was found late Friday afternoon in her home in Hoedspruit in Limpopo, says Greyvenstein. The murder house in Laserstraat in the Steiltes neighborhood belonged to Shawn and his ex-wife, MelanĂ© Pretorius.

“Both of their mobile phones are missing, which makes us think it could have been a house robbery.” He says the couple’s bodies were found in the living room near a TV. It looked like the two had made a “Christmas bed” for the day.

Pretorius was shot several times, including in his waist, and Craucamp was shot once, in the head. It is still uncertain what the caliber of the firearm with which the two were shot is.

Police initially said nothing was missing from the home. Brig. Selvy Mohlala, provincial police spokesperson, also said that Pretorius’ 9 mm pistol was found with 16 cartridges in a holster on a cupboard in the house. He could not say whether any shots were fired with this pistol.

According to Greyvenstein, Craucamp also owns a 9 mm pistol. It was suspected that it could have been stolen, but it was found in a safe in her house in Hoedspruit, he says. By Saturday, Mohlala had still not responded to inquiries about the weapon. He also did not want to confirm whether the police are now investigating a complaint of house robbery. Mohlala had earlier confirmed that the police were investigating two cases of murder.

Jaco Craucamp, Ilonka’s husband, confirmed earlier that he was divorcing her. He said there were no ill feelings between them about the divorce case and that he knew she and Pretorius were in a relationship.

It is precisely Jaco and Ilonka’s daughters who raised the alarm on Christmas Day after their mother did not respond to Christmas messages from them.

According to Jaco, they were together on the family’s farm outside Hoedspruit and asked him to investigate. He called MelanĂ©, but she too couldn’t get hold of Shawn.

It is only later at the request of Melané that the Hi-Tech security company in Mbombela went to the house to investigate. The police were called when the security guards saw the two bloodied bodies.

Franco Swanepoel from Hi-Tech said earlier that a vehicle was spotted in front of the house. Some of the windows and a door were open, but the security gates were closed. “Our guards peeked in and saw two people lying lifeless on the floor. The police were called immediately,” says Swanepoel.

According to Swanepoel, information was received on Christmas Day from residents in the area who heard shots. However, it is still uncertain whether these shots are related to the murder of Shawn and Ilonka.

According to Greyvenstein, CCTV footage of homeowners in the area is now being looked at. He confirmed that footage was obtained in which three men were spotted in the area on Christmas morning. These suspects apparently entered several plots.

“We still don’t know if they could have been involved, it needs to be investigated. We are following up on all possible leads.”

Pretorius was a local businesswoman and owned, among other things, two Luvit stores. Pretorius and his ex-wife owned the PostNet in Hoedspruit and also the PostNet in Mbombela.