MEC spits fire over video of horrific accident


Florence Radzilani, MEC for transport and community safety in Limpopo, appealed to people not to spread footage of the horrific accident on the R521 in Limpopo on social media.

A bystander took footage of the accident between Polokwane and Dendron that claimed the lives of 13 people on Tuesday. A lorry and a minibus taxi were involved in the incident.

“Although the distribution of the video is not illegal, it is immoral and inhumane and goes against our value system as a nation,” says Radzilani.

She described it as the work of a “heartless” person with malicious intentions.

“The disturbing footage has been shared as family members of the victims are still reeling from this traumatic incident.

“It is shocking that someone who is not connected to the emergency services or the police can do something like this,” said Radzilani.