Merry Afrikitifees presented soon at ATKV Buffelspoort


In the meantime, festival cats can get ready for the second Afrikitifees which will be presented this year on 9 September at the ATKV Buffelspoort.

According to Reyno Wepener, festival organizer and ATKV marketing manager of Buffelspoort, this year’s festival will be even more fun than the previous one. Tug of war, jukebox, drama, dancing, whipping, music, mouth-watering food to choose from, wirecar demonstrations, archery and dog and snake shows are just a few of the highlights on the festival programme. “Actually, every item on the program is a highlight. With the slogan, Your language and culture festival, Afrikitifees addresses every aspect of language and culture. We do not exclude any component of our Afrikaans culture,” says Reyno.

“Adventure, arts, theatre, sports, what you drink and eat… it is culture in its entirety that we address at the festival. It is a community festival. What we are doing is telling our community to come and see the talent in your midst and come and take part in it.”

For car enthusiasts there will be a gathering of old classic cars and Harley Davidsons, car and caravan agencies. Soap opera fans can also look forward to performances by their favorite actors Domestics and Deep waters.

Reyno says Afrikiti’s recipe for success is that it is presented at Buffelspoort, where this weekend there will already be 2,200 visitors who will be attracted by ringball, jukebox, tug-of-war and archery tournaments. “It is besides the feet that the festival itself attracts,” he says.

This year the food stalls are the responsibility of the local churches and in this way they are plowed back into the communities served by the churches. There are also presentations by the well-known kykNET food wizard Herman Lensing and Vaatjie van Toks and Chops also take a look.

“We have also added an educational element to the programme. Thus, there will be snake shows to educate people about snakes and how to identify snakes and not just kill them. The SPCA hosts dog shows and also talks about dog care. Maybe you can even adopt a four-legged friend,” says Reyno.

“Festivals like this are extremely important for the community in which they are hosted to keep Afrikaans and its culture going. It is a platform in our area to get schools and churches involved and give them a platform to show off their talent.”

“Our aim is to keep Afrikiti not only for African people. That is why we also involve other communities to celebrate together. My philosophy is keep your culture to yourself and you lose it. Share your culture, and it stays preserved.”

Entrance fee to this year’s festival is R80 for adults and high school students, R50 for primary school students and children under 7 enter for free. As part of your entrance fee, you must bring a can of dog or cat food.

Please visit the website at for more information and the full programme.