Mia Botha: 480 days later and the investigation is standing still


It has been more than 480 days since little Mia Botha’s murder and there is still no progress in the police’s investigation into it. As things currently stand, the forensic results are still outstanding.

Action Society has now launched a campaign called #SaveOurChildren in the fight for justice for four-year-old Mia from the Paarl.

“We will not stop fighting for this little girl,” says Kaylynn Palm, action center coordinator of Action Society.

‘Hard Christmas’

Action Society, which after the murder received a mandate from the Botha family to oversee the progress of the investigation on their behalf, visited Mia’s broken family at their home last week where they expressed their frustration with the lack of progress. gave notice.

Mia’s mother, Udene, said it was a “difficult Christmas”.

“We missed her, but she will always be in our hearts. Another year has passed, and there is still no positive feedback or movement from the police regarding the investigation.

“They let us down; all we ask is that they find out who killed my little girl.”

Palm says the findings of the forensic report could very well lead to a breakthrough in the case. “DNA evidence can help identify a suspect. But for now, every day that the investigation is delayed is a day that a child killer walks around, free to attack another toddler.

“This is unacceptable.

“We call on everyone who would like to see justice for Mia and a safer environment for children in South Africa to participate and thus exert direct pressure on the police to prioritize her case.”

Action Society has already sent an urgent letter to the Western Cape police commissioner demanding an explanation for the police’s delay in investigating Mia’s murder.

Mia’s body was found behind the Nederburg Primary School in Paarl East in September 2022 after she was reported missing the previous afternoon at around 16:00.

Two suspects were initially questioned in connection with her death. However, the suspects have not yet been formally charged or brought before the court.