Mine threatens vultures, wild dogs in Waterberg


A breeding colony of cliff vultures, an endangered species, is currently endangered by planned mining operations in the Waterberg at the Marakele National Park.

AfriForum believes that if these planned activities were to continue, it would have devastating consequences for the unique character of the Waterberg and its surroundings.

“The natural habitat of the endangered cliff vultures, as well as that of wild dogs, is threatened by this,” says Lambert de Klerk, AfriForum’s manager for environmental affairs.

“This area was declared a critical biodiversity area in 2019, and according to that no development and specifically no mining activities may take place here.”

AfriForum has already taken steps to register as an interested and affected party in the case.

“These planned operations must be summarily nipped in the bud. We are now waiting for the documents from the environmental impact assessment practitioner after which AfriForum will appoint a specialist to comment,” says De Klerk.

Cee-J van der Walt, AfriForum’s district coordinator for the Soutpansberg region, says AfriForum is not opposed to mining operations, but it must be done in an ethical and legal manner.

“This critical biodiversity area must be protected and we must not allow it to be irremediably altered by mining operations.

“We encourage all people – who are concerned that the natural beauty of this critical biodiversity area will be destroyed – to put their support behind us and get involved,” says De Klerk.