Minister looking for more ‘puppy yoga’


A senior Dutch civil servant says a ban on so-called “puppy yoga” (which is known in English as “puppy yoga”) is being investigated because the small dogs may be harmed.

Dog yoga, which combines traditional yoga with adorable little dogs, has become incredibly popular – in many places worldwide – after it took off in the Netherlands a few months ago.

However, Piet Adema, Dutch Minister of Agriculture, is not to be found for this and says that the small dogs are often woken up before they are used in yoga sessions. Many of the puppies apparently show behavior that indicates stress.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate. Little puppies sleep short. They are at a very early stage of their development,” Adema said after a cabinet meeting.

“You can compare it to babies. You can’t carry a baby around all day and let the baby do all sorts of things. Babies need to sleep. This is how they develop,” Adema said.

Puppy yoga ‚Äúserves no purpose and is pointless. It has to stop,” he says.

The minister says the Dutch consumer watchdog (NVWA), which is also responsible for animal welfare, has investigated the trend and said there is not “enough space left for the needs of the puppies”.

Adema is now demanding a complete ban on the use and a ban on the use of other animals such as kittens.