‘Misunderstanding’ leads to Scheffler’s arrest


Scottie Scheffler, the world’s leading golfer, says a “huge misunderstanding” led to his arrest.

Scheffler reportedly tried to bypass the traffic control point outside the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky, where the PGA Championship is being played, while police dealt with a separate accident.

“I continued as the police officers ordered me to do. It was understandably a chaotic situation given the tragic accident that happened earlier and there was a huge misunderstanding about what I thought I was being asked to do,” he said.

“I never meant to disobey any of the orders. I hope to put this incident aside and concentrate on golf today,” he said.

The police arrested and handcuffed Scheffler on Friday in what was described as one of the strangest scenes ever at a Major tournament. The golfer was taken to a police station where a face photo of him, in an orange overall, was taken. He was then released, taken back to the golf course for breakfast and went to practice before finally teeing off in the second round.

The Louisville metro police arrested him after he drove over a sidewalk to avoid the accident, in which a pedestrian died. The victim was a worker of one of the service providers at the Valhalla Golf Club. A shuttle van hit him.

“This is heartbreaking for all of us involved in the PGA Championship,” the organization said in a statement.

Scheffler was charged with, among other things, assaulting a police officer, reckless driving and disregarding the orders of a traffic officer. He was released on warning.