More known about attack on SA soldiers in DRC


Four people, including two members of the South African peacekeeping forces, were injured on Friday during two separate attacks in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Information at this stage suggests that both attacks were carried out by suspected M23 rebels.

RNews earlier reported that two South African army members were wounded yesterday when more than 40 shots were fired at the South African National Army’s (SANW) only deployable Oryx helicopter.

The troops were apparently part of a group that carried out a medical evacuation when they came under fire in the Karuba region of the North Kivu province.

The Oryx was apparently on its way from Rwindi to Goma.

The South African National Defense Force said in a statement that the pilot and commander of the plane suffered a gunshot wound to his finger. One of the paramedics on board suffered a chest injury, but is in a stable condition.

“The rest of the passengers on board suffered no injuries and the helicopter landed safely in Goma.”

The two wounded soldiers were admitted to a local hospital upon their arrival.

It also came to light in the meantime that an explosive device went off in Goma on Friday. The authorities also blame the M23 militia for this attack which left two others injured.

Some residents of Goma said a bomb went off near a school in the Mugunga district. Others claim it was a mortar shell.

“We don’t know if it came from the enemy or if it was non-enemy fire,” said a security source on condition of anonymity.

According to the army spokesman in North Kivu, Guillaume Ndjike, the M23 opened fire from a hill 20 km from Goma.

Local medics reported two injuries. According to a local resident, a house was also destroyed during the attack.

The M23 rebel group has already conquered large parts of the territory in North Kivu since it took up arms again in 2021 after years of inactivity.

The areas of Rutshuru and Masisi in the province are particularly affected by fighting between M23 rebels and the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.