Mossel Bay is now ‘armored’ against crime


The ongoing efforts of the Mossel Bay local municipality to improve community safety received a major boost on Wednesday with the introduction of two armored vehicles.

According to Regan Thaw, spokesperson for the Western Cape government, the vehicles were supplied by the South African company, SVI Engineering. The vehicles, called MAX 3 Troupees, can carry eight people and are made of high-quality ballistic material.

“It will form part of the municipality’s newly established dog unit and will be used in various crime-fighting operations – in collaboration with the police – such as responding to illegal land occupations and demonstrations. The vehicles will also be deployed to provide protection to secure infrastructure services in dangerous areas,” says Thaw.

“The municipality’s dog unit – which is funded by the Western Cape government – will soon be sniffing out crime when it is officially launched in the coming months. The unit will consist of four Belgian Malinois dogs.”

Premier Alan Winde and Reagen Allen, provincial minister of police review and community safety, attended the launch at the town hall in Mossel Bay.

“Combating crime of all kinds is a key priority if we want to grow the local economy. High levels of crime are a major impediment to growth and economic development. Residents, business owners and rural communities deserve to feel safe. That’s why I welcome the municipality’s efforts to improve safety and security,” Prime Minister Winde remarked as he examined the vehicles.

“Fighting crime comes in many forms – from the use of armored vehicles to man’s best friend. We must use all resources at our disposal to make our communities places of hope and dignity.”

Allen congratulated the municipality on the deployment of the armored vehicles.

“This is an exciting moment for the residents of the entire area, and they can be proud of their municipality. It gives me great joy to see how our partners at the local government level also prioritize safety,” says the minister.

“Over time, the security initiatives in the area will be strengthened when our canine unit is also formally introduced. This will provide another layer to create a safer Western Cape where our people can live in dignity.”