Movie review: Child’s play for these iconic dolls


With Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling
Director: Greta Gerwig
Limitation: 13
(In theaters only)

This is no puppet movie. Don’t underestimate it, or prepare for comfort zone entertainment where a bunch of toys try to keep children busy.

It’s a satire on the way the Barbie and Ken series have influenced the world’s children (and parents!) so far, but times change, and the couple play together!

It initially starts as a parody 2001: A Space Odyssey, where ape figures millions of years ago took the biggest step in history by realizing they could use a bone as a weapon to kill and destroy. In the same way, dolls are smashed to usher in a new era and Barbie initially emerges as an untouchable icon.

Barbie and Ken become frustrated with their stereotyped image, and enter the brutal reality to learn how to move with the times. This happens after about 30 minutes of predictable pop-play entertainment to the beat of dances, but after that the film turns serious with a darkly comic touch, and shows that even these iconic toys can move with the times.

Eventually, Barbie and Ken discover who they really are and become free. The movie catches you off guard after 30 minutes, because it is not what you expect – throw yourself into the maelstrom of adaptation, experimentation and a re-creation.

The movie is aimed at men and women and turns on every dear brain cell that has previously become numb to predictable superhero entertainment.

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