Movie Review: Kicking, Shooting and Killing in Denzel Action Movie


With Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning.
Director: Antoine Fuqua
(Theatrical only)

This review will divide people into two camps: The tough guys who survive violence along with their daily pitfalls and burdens, or others who complain that there is enough violence in our plundered country. Why pay to watch it?

Well yes. Violence is different things to different people. Also interesting that foreign critics were very kind to the film, and even praised it.

In The Equalizer 3 (some farm The Final Chapter behind those three words) the intrepid Robert McCall steps forward again to solve carnage. Especially in the beginning, the film has strong-flavored violent scenes.

Denzel Washington is a fearless sniper who, now for the third time, apprehends bad guys. There is not an expression of a day old on his face, and one regrets the fact that this excellent actor, as well as the talented Dakota Fanning, act in this. Still, people are flocking to it and it is the most popular film at the box office this week.

It’s shooting, kicking, bleeding to death and overwhelming murder. This recipe has sent the previous films on the road to success, and will surely do so again. Especially also because it actually on auto pilot is, and violent scenes are staged with the greatest ease, as if it were something everyday.

The Equalizer 3, only if you are not sensitive to violence. However, if you like stories that make sense, pass by.

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