Movie Review: ‘Rosemary’s Hitlist’ Shows Bloody Heart of Notorious Criminal


Rosemary’s Hitlist


With Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu

Director: Valen’tino Mathibela and Richard Finn Gregory

Limit: 18


Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was sentenced to six life sentences in 2021 for the murders of her family members. She is also charged with fraud, defeating the law, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted multiple murders, as well as incitement to commit murder.

Ideacandy, the production house best known (or maybe infamous) for series like Devils town and stone heist, penetrates with this series into the bloody heart of Ndlovu. Without glossing over the events, and with short dramatizations in between, they keep the viewer on the blood trail of Ndlovu without sensationalizing it. Her offenses were and are so shockingly audacious and murderous that it requires a cool, calculated director’s head to present the wealth of information in such a way that it does not overwhelm or overwhelm the viewer.

Repulsive as it is, several victims who survived, and investigating officers as well as advocates and even a traditional healer, remember Rosemary’s startling story – especially the parts where she showed her rear for cameras in court and even flirted with photographers. Also the fact that she separates or detaches herself from the murders committed by assassins on her behalf and the grief she plunged everyone who knew her into.

This is a top notch documentary. It is soul-revealingly shocking, and viewers should especially heed all the warnings. Excellent!

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