Movie review: This Morgan Freeman movie is ‘half-hearted, tame’


****** (6/10)
With Josh Hutcherson and Morgan Freeman
Director: Rusty Cundieff
(In theaters)

Four-wall theaters could never regain the glory of pre-Covid levels. Crime, pitfalls and load shedding remain movies’ biggest obstacles.

Still did Barbie and Oppenheimer A trump card with Tom Cruise’s youngest Mission Impossible-adventure and turned this theory on its head. And then the mercury dropped again.

The reason is because half-hearted, tame movies, which you might as well watch on a streaming network, are now making a comeback. 57 Seconds isn’t necessarily the kind of movie you’ll leave your safe home for, but if you’re loitering in shopping malls, and the heat wave gets you down, go relax with this in a cool theater and escape the sweaty crowd.

The story is quite original. A young man (the attractive and convincing Josh Hutcherson), gets possession of a dangerous ring that turns back time by 57 seconds. So, if you want to kiss a girl and you approach the moment wrong, you can rewind time and correct your mistake.

There are nasty people who want to abuse our hero for other dangerous and diabolical scientific experiments and that’s where the magic ring the fan strike. Boys over 13 may get more pleasure from this than from their TikTok addiction, and for a change there is nothing to distract them – until the next TikTok sensation.

Averagely entertaining if you have nothing better to do.