Movie Review: Twisted ‘American Dream’ Cracks Open in Hit Movie


With Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr.
Director: Christopher Nolan
(In IMAX and other theaters only)

Which people are pretty unanimously excited about Barbie is, this eventful film by the genius Christopher Nolan is the spark in the atomic bomb powder keg.

It examines the life, conscience, flaws and initial success of the father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Cillian Murphy), with opinion.

The film bombards the viewer with unprecedented drama, deafening sound, facts that are sometimes distorted and criticism about the witch hunt on a man who carried out assignments and pursued his distorted dream.

Don’t let the 10/10 rating make you reach for your car keys. Although the film makes an in-depth investigation into the hunt for communist sympathizers, it shows that the foundation of the American Dream has begun to crack here.

Oppenheimer finds himself in his own fiery hell after experiencing the success of his destructive creation, because only then does he realize that he has given the world the opportunity to destroy itself.

His conscience torments him and practically drives him to self-destruction, but even worse, it damages his soul to such an extent that he throws in the towel, especially when his president, colleagues and country turn their backs on him.

If you go to watch, prepare yourself for a sometimes bombastic assault on your senses. It is brilliant and will not leave you untouched, but what is commendable is that you will have an opinion and will certainly react. These are the characteristics of a good film. That it inspires people to debate, instead of just shrugging disinterestedly.


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