Movie review: Unknown Agatha Christie story comes to life on the big screen


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (6/10)
With Kenneth Branagh and Tina Fey
Director: Kenneth Branagh
(In theaters)

At least there is nothing as nice as curling up with a book with Agatha Christie’s name on the front. Of course, her books always work better than the films her work is based on.

One is unsure why Kenneth Branagh after Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express decided to one of her lesser known works, Halloween Partyas A Haunting in Venice to film.

It’s the one atmosphere, horrific events, hollow voices from beyond the grave, and ghosts. Not really what one is used to from the genial old lady. And, Branagh pulls out and shows off every film technique he knows.

It draws attention a little from the most important element in any Agatha Christie: Who committed the murder? A bunch of people get a mysterious invitation… and no, it’s not sent by the person you expect it from.

A child died there before. Then another murder is committed. Who committed that fatal act? For a change, the killer or killers are not so well hidden.

You can after A Haunting in Venice check it out if you admire Dame Agatha’s stories, but it’s not up to the same standard as her other stories, and Kenneth Branagh is just trying too hard to brag.

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