Movie Review: West Coast love blossoms in dollar-as-a-head-off love story


With Carla Smith and Christiaan Schoombie
Director: Kabous Meiring
(DStv Box Office)

You can see right from the start that this Cinderella is trouble on a bike! Pamina Entertainment, named after Pamina in Mozart’s The Magic Fluteis a loose-headed Dolla.

In The Tragic Case of Pamina Entertainment kan Pamina can’t control her tongue, she makes the wrong noises everywhere, always puts her foot in it, and makes no compromises.

When she loses her job at a glossy magazine, she flees to her mother on the West Coast. There she meets a rocker, played by Christiaan Schoombie. He had a bad experience with his music, she is traumatized because she can’t trust any man. They hate to love each other, but the love does not let it be squeezed into a can. And then there is her complicated relationship with her half-brother.

If you’re just looking for a crazy love story with an interesting, experimental style, colorful characters and a playful exuberance, you might identify with Pamina’s eccentricities. It’s sometimes a bit odd, but always cheerful.

Just remember, not everyone is going to appeal to the nice loose lit style, but if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one, you will The Tragic Case of Pamina Entertainment give a heart

Available on DStv Box Office from 11 February.


Watch the trailer here.