Multi-party coalition wants to ensure fair, accurate election


The 11 political parties that committed themselves to the Multiparty Charter have now also undertaken to ensure that the upcoming national and provincial elections are fair and accurate.

The parties have written to various foreign ministers, other representatives and relevant organizations and requested help to ensure that the results of the election truly reflect the will of South Africans.

These foreign ministers and other role players are located all over the world.

“While we have confidence in the Electoral Commission of South Africa, parties in the multi-party coalition are well aware that they have assembled the largest voting block outside the ANC in the history of our democracy.

“This, in addition to the certain loss of a national ANC majority this year, means that attempts to hijack the election will be greater than ever before. We recognize that domestic efforts to ensure electoral integrity can and must be strengthened,” the multi-party coalition said in a joint statement.

In this regard, parties in the multi-party coalition have decided to work together to ensure 100% coverage across the more than 24,000 polling stations across the country.

However, this must be done in partnership and with the help of external support. This includes material assistance to South Africa’s civil society organizations on voter education, building capacity for local observation, and a strong presence of international observers before the election and on election day.

“We have also expressed our concern about the potential for foreign interference in our elections. We believe the international community can help provide protection against any attempts to disrupt the democratic process or influence the South African voters.”

Such technical support has also been a core element in ensuring free and fair elections since the first democratic elections in 1994, says the coalition.

“We appealed to foreign governments and relevant organizations to recognize what is at stake for South Africa, as well as for the African continent and democracies worldwide.

“The 2024 election will be the most important to take place in South Africa since 1994. For the first time in democratic South Africa, it looks like the ANC will receive well below 50% of the national vote. It offers the opportunity for the democratic transfer of power to an alternative government.”

At the same time, it also inevitably increases the threat to electoral integrity.

“That is why the parties to the Multiparty Charter use all means at our disposal to ensure a free and fair election. Now is the time to unite all true supporters of democracy around South Africa’s democratic cause.”