Multiparty Charter says ‘no’ to Referendum Party


Action SA’s message to the Multiparty Charter on Thursday was clear: He will not approve a coalition with the Referendum Party (RP).

According to Action SA, other parties agree with him, the Referendum Party’s application was rejected on Thursday evening, during a meeting of the Multiparty Charter.

“Action SA would rather leave the Multiparty Charter than be associated with the Cape independence movement,” the party said on Friday, in response to a request from the Cape Referendum Party to join the Multiparty Charter. This charter is a coalition of, among others, the DA, FF Plus and Action SA.

Phil Craig, leader of the RP, says in a letter to these parties that the RP also believes there is “a real and extremely significant danger” that the 2024 national election could lead to a national coalition government led by the ANC.

Craig says two of the Multiparty Charter’s key focus areas are to protect citizens against an ANC-led government and to put as much power as possible in the hands of citizens.

“To ask the people of the Western Cape in a referendum, which will be held according to the South African Constitution, if they want to get rid of the ANC and the EFF forever, is completely in line with these values. This is exactly what Cape Independence wants to achieve.”

However, Action SA says the Referendum Party’s objective is solely to make the lives of residents of the Western Cape better, by breaking away from the rest of South Africa.

“There is no doubt that the ANC government is holding back all South Africans. This is clearly right across the country, not just in the Western Cape. However, these failures do not justify a split,” says Samkelo Mgobozi, national spokesperson for Action SA.

“The only solution to the failed government is the Multiparty Charter and, in particular, the party’s commitment to the ousting of the ANC. This is the only way we are going to improve the lives of South Africans in all nine provinces.”