Music video: Carma, CheraLee and Elmé celebrate four seasons of womanhood


Flowers are a natural symbol of beauty and are often present in different seasons of a woman’s life in particular: from her birth and birthdays, to Valentine’s Day and death.

That’s why the singers and songwriters Carma, CheraLee and Elmé Churr decided to use it as the main inspiration for their new and first single together, “Blom in Sy wese”.

This song was specifically written to not only celebrate womanhood, but also to kick off the launch of “Women in Movement”, a new initiative of Solidarity Helpende Hand’s FroueVonds (which is misspelled on purpose).

RNews reported earlier that the “Women in Movement” will be launched on 9 August in the AfriForum Theater in Pretoria. This project places a strong emphasis on training, which equips women with the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives and develop themselves.

CheraLee, Carma and Elmé will also sing “Blom in Sy wese” here for the first time on stage.

RNews’s readers also get a first look at the song’s brand new music video today and these three bubbly blonde singers came to visit the RNews studio to talk more about it.

“We wanted to take on a project together for a long time. At first we just wanted to write a song together, but Elmé then approached Helpende Hand’s FroueVonds and told us what our bigger goal and vision is with the song. Coincidentally, they started this new project at the same time, so everything fits together so nicely,” says CheraLee.

Elmé, who is also an ambassador for the Helping Hand’s study fund, believes that something “just clicked”, which is why it was decided to make “Blom in Sy wese” part of the Women in Movement launch.

The song was initially born from a poem written by CheraLee, but she explains that each singer left her unique stamp on it.

“We are each songwriters and solo artists in our own right and were able to bring something unique to the table. Yet it worked so beautifully together, which I think gives the song so much more meaning.”

According to Carma, the women’s shared values ​​and vision also contributed to “Blom in Sy bese”.

“The same sincere feeling pressed on each of our hearts: that women are dynamic in their essence. As a flower goes from seed to fruit, they also have something unique to offer in each season of their life,” she explains.

According to Elmé, women’s unique empathy and tenderness are also qualities that are honored by the song.

“We have this ability to listen and fully utilize our emotions when we listen to others. The men usually want to come up with plans and solutions right away, but we have the ability to understand why people react and behave the way they do. That makes us unique.”

The women go on to say that the music video deviated slightly from everyone’s individual style.

“As solo artists, we are more used to performance music videos, but this one was shot in the studio while we were recording the song. It wasn’t always easy, because now you have to focus and sing well, but also look good for the camera,” teases Carma.

“It was an artistic, creative atmosphere and captured our unique strengths and passions, but also showed how well we work together,” adds CheraLee.

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