Music Video: Dance in the Dark with Ruan Josh’s ‘Lights Off’


Turnover? Then dance in the dark, says Ruan Josh, who with his latest single, “Lights off”, wants to convince South Africans that load shedding does not have to interfere with their party and barbecue plans. Despite the never-ending load shedding challenges, you can still choose to have fun.

“The song was indeed inspired by the daily frustration of untimely load shedding,” says Ruan with a laugh in the RNews studio.

With “Ligte af” Ruan breaks his silence of the past two years. This dance track with its Euro-pop sound is going to make the feet itch and make fans nationwide shine their dancing shoes again.

“I would love it if people wanted to grab the person closest to them and sway their hips a bit, while naturally singing along at the top of their lungs,” says Ruan about this song he created with his talented sister, Franja.

The clip is about that moment when the lights go down… just before your guests arrive and you don’t know if the party is over before it can properly begin.

Then, says Ruan, you should light the fire and hang out until the sun comes up.

“I am always an eternal optimist and try to make the best of every case. In this way, we make fun of our frustrations through music.”

Like many South Africans, Ruan has already endured a good dose of discomfort due to load shedding.

“At one stage we had phase 6 or phase 7 load shedding on the farm. I walked into a dark house in the evening after a concert and when I had to get up early the next morning to start farming, the power was off again.

“South Africans are all in the same boat and from experience I have learned that people seek escape. I believe ‘Lights off’ will help to dispel the bitterness that people experience as a result of load shedding.”

A brand new music video for “Ligte af” also debuts today (Friday) on RNews.

“I thought it should just be a nice and simple music video. The video tells a story in which every viewer can empathize and it depicts the privilege of having access to a form of power generation in these times.

“We shot the video at a house in Garsfontein, and it’s about a street braai that later becomes a visit in the house,” explains Ruan.

Zuider Energy showcases its Tesla Powerwall battery in the “Lights Off” music video. According to Ruan, thanks to this rechargeable lithium-ion battery, energy can be stored and therefore the party can continue.

Ruan himself is at the helm of the creative and executive aspects of his music videos. Eric Graham of ETG Creative is handling the filming and production.

Pointers, a full-length album that Ruan has been working on for five years, will also soon see the light of day. “Ligte af” is the first single from the album to be released. He also plans to tour the country with Franja soon.

“Lights Off” is available on all major digital platforms.

Watch the music video for “Lights Off” here: