Music video: Jemma, Georic sings a cry for love


Singers Jemma Catherine and Georic Lomas believe that their latest single has the potential to be a great love song, which will fit into many people’s love stories.

“SOS”, a brand new alternative pop single by these young artists deals with the miscommunication in a relationship and how two people can get back together.

RNews’s readers get a first look at this music video today.

According to Jemma and Georic, who penned this song together, “SOS” refers to any relationship or friendship in which you hope the other person will hear and understand your thinking.

Deon Dee handled the production and direction of the music video for “SOS”.

The music video was shot in two different locations and depicts two people looking for each other. Viewers also see flashbacks of the couple’s relationship before they parted ways.

At the end of the video, they are in the same place, but not together, which according to the singers symbolizes that the couple feels the same about the relationship and that an SOS is being sent to each other.

These two artists say they are extremely proud of the end product.

“It’s important that people resonate with the music, and that all the songs are based on everyday things that are sometimes difficult to put into words,” says Jemma, who released the hit “Klaar gesmeek” in March this year .

Georic in turn gained fame for his hit “Bazaruto” which was written by the seasoned songwriter and singer Johan Vorster. He also made his big screen debut in 2013 as MornĂ© in the popular musical movie, If you sing.

Watch the music video for “SOS” here: