Music video: Joshua to the Rain shine Light in different languages ​​with Christmas carol


Joshua after the Rain is one of a kind, and every project he undertakes is approached in an authentic way.

His new Christmas song and music video is no exception and promises to ignite a flame of Light and hope in the hearts of everyone who listens to it this festive season.

“Daar is Lig” is a special collaboration with Thabazimbi Primary School’s school choir led by Elmarie Wentzel, which was recorded in Afrikaans, English and Tswana. Gideon Botes was at the helm of affairs to deliver a remarkable end product.

The track was written specifically for this recording and is about the coming of Light and the peace it brings.

“A few years ago I worked with the Thabazimbi Primary School’s choir on ‘Light on the Horizon’ and it was such a special experience that we agreed to do it again in the future,” says Joshua after the Rain. the origin of “There is Light”.

“So, this song was written specifically for this collaboration, and we wanted it to have a Christmas theme. There is a typical nostalgic element to the words that are about families or families coming together and seeing the coming of Light, celebrating and experiencing the emotion of it.”

What makes “Dar is Lig” even more special is that it doesn’t sound like a typical Christmas song and that it can therefore mean something to listeners all year round.

Of course, a special song like this also deserves a remarkable music video and the singer is very excited to share it with fans for the first time on Christmas Day.

The video is about a group of children who draw their dreams on paper and give them to their teacher, played by Joshua after the Rain himself. He then does his best to make each one a reality.

“The idea was born from a lot of conversations I had with my brother and the producer, Jean de Villiers, and Miss Elmarie. We shot most of the scenes in the dark so we could play with light as the main element,” he explains.

According to the musician, the video was shot at different locations in Thabazimbi, including the Marataba Safari Lodge.

“Even though we got a lot of heat, we are extremely proud of the end product,” says the artist.

“Dar is Lig” is available on all major digital platforms.

Watch the music video for “Daar is Lig” here: