Music video: Rudi Kleingeld now his own songwriter


After years in the music industry as a musician, coach and music group leader, Rudi Kleingeld finally took the plunge to put his own musical stamp on the industry.

This 31-year-old artist, who has been on stage with singers such as TiNo, Bernice West and Juan Boucher for more than a decade, hit the airwaves today (August 1) with his first single, “Moeg”.

“I don’t really like negative titles,” admits Rudi to RNews.

“Sometimes it is necessary to face the monsters we each have in life. We can all relate to the theme of the song. This is a liberation song.”

Rudi has come a long way with music, although he never had formal music training early in his life. As everyone goes through different phases, so did he. He was a keen sports player throughout his growing up and teenage years, but finally realized at 16 that he had a spirit for rock and roll music.

“This is of course after my Backstreet Boys phase,” he admits.

He grew up in Heidelberg, and shocked his parents when he informed them after school that he was going to pack his bags and look for greener musical pastures in Pretoria. There he started a music group and never looked back.

In the meantime, he also created his own music school, Vyfrand music. For the past few years, he has planted his feet firmly in the music industry, and looks forward to forging his own path.

Watch the music video for “Tired” here: