Musical genius then got his own piano


Jason Haas, the 15-year-old piano genius from Springs in Gauteng, has come true to his dream of owning his own piano. This thanks to a couple from Sandton who donated their grand piano to him.

About a month ago, Jason – without his mother’s knowledge – set up a crowdfunding campaign to help him own a piano of his own.

“I know my mother always does her best and I didn’t want to put further pressure on her. A piano is incredibly expensive, and asking my mother to buy me a piano was just never an option,” the enthusiastic boy told RNews earlier.

He has been playing the piano since the age of four and was soon able to play complicated pieces of music, without being able to read sheet music. However, because his mother is the sole breadwinner, they have never been able to afford a piano themselves.

Many good samaritans have meanwhile put their hands together to make the teenager’s dream come true and almost R14 000 was collected for Jason on BackaBuddy. However, this falls completely short of a second-hand black Middleford grand piano, which would cost him around R150 000.

However, Clinton Berry and his wife, Sheena, came across Jason’s crowdfunding campaign soon after and decided to donate their piano to him.

On February 24, the couple officially handed over the piano, which has been in their home for years, to Jason.

“My wife and I struggled for a long time about what we should do with the piano. We thought we might have to sell it, but when I came across Jason’s crowdfunding campaign, and discussed it with my wife, we immediately knew it was the right thing to do,” says Berry.

He says they hope that Jason will now be able to fully live out his passion from here and that all his musical dreams and aspirations will come true.

“It was a great pleasure for us to hand over the piano to someone who had been dreaming of it for years and really needed it. Music is a universal language and I hope that Jason can now use the piano on a daily basis to live out his musical dreams.”

Leanne says she was stunned by the great gift and how God is working in her child’s life. “I was very emotional and grateful that someone felt that they wanted to do this for Jason… I knew it was the favor and blessing of God.

“Since he got the piano, he’s been playing every day, and I can already hear how he’s improving. He is now well on his way to becoming a piano master.”

She just knows that the piano will play a very important role in Jason’s life. “It’s almost as if he and the piano are best friends,” she jokes.

Jason says he never thought that someone would donate a grand piano to him.

“I was in absolute shock when I first got the news, I almost couldn’t believe it… Words cannot describe how delighted and overwhelmed I am by this great gift.

“I immediately realized that God works in remarkable ways and immediately thanked Him for this incredible gift.”

Jason described the piano as a great highlight in his musical journey and says it is a reward for his patience, hope and faith. “This piano represents all my prayers over the past few years. I really needed a piano, I prayed for it day after day – and God provided.”

He now wants to start making YouTube content, exercise more and would like to compose his own song.

According to Jason, he will now use the funds raised on BackaBuddy to travel to band practices and concerts, to look after his new instrument and to pay for piano lessons.

Leanne says that Jason’s newfound musical asset has also paved the way for additional opportunities.

“Last week he also received a keyboard with a stand and a chair from the Drakensberg boys’ choir near Winterton in KwaZulu-Natal, when he performed with the boys’ choir in a concert.

“It was an experience to see him perform with the boys’ choir. They were breathtaking. It was absolutely phenomenal. I got goosebumps throughout the show.”