My Monday maxi dress


i like to eat Mercy, on paper it looks worse than it is! What I want to say is that, especially on Sundays, I pay a little more attention to the taste of what’s on my plate than I necessarily count the calories grain by grain.

I probably don’t need to explain. Everyone understands farm food and dessert, and that cheese, tomato and onion sandwich that grills on the flat grill with the Sunday night movie as we try to stretch out the last bit of the weekend.

The result of these semi-decadent Sundays is that I don’t exactly feel like a bride on a Monday. I usually have a lot of energy, but I like to hide its source under the flowing and feminine fabric of a maxi dress.

It was precisely on such a Monday, dressed in one of these old stalwarts in my wardrobe, when I happened to read about a fashion designer who believes that maxi dresses should rather disappear because it seems as if women are encouraged to hide their bodies.

I was very indignant, almost like a parent who has to hear from Simon Cowell that her child’s velvety voice is actually compared to a grater. I’m really attached to those long cloths that fill my closet and didn’t want to admit that I use them to literally hide my body.

Still, I have to confess, in my case my maxi dress helps quite successfully to hide Sunday’s (forbidden) potato. But still, that’s not all, I actually feel pretty good when I wear my maxi dress. It feels like my self-confidence, which of course drops a little along with Monday’s puffy cheeks, is precisely supplemented by these creations; a little less self-consciousness (and guilt) so that I can smile a little wider.

I am one of those people whose mood, more times than not, is directly linked to my appearance. And I can’t comfortably show my body if I don’t feel comfortable about that body.

However, I am in a duel. I really love to exercise. I like jogging, going to the gym and doing pilates, but I also have three busy children, a job that can be intensive at times and my studies which take up a lot of time. We also try to see family and friends and of course have other commitments now and then. In between we also work wholeheartedly on the marriage.

Between cooking and homework there is sometimes only time for a quick kiss, while other times I am almost too tired to speak and collapse on the couch.

Given the lifestyle, the exercise doesn’t happen as often as I’d prefer, and the food isn’t as healthy as it might be… and I also really like biltong, cake and chocolate.

It is actually quite a challenge to maintain a balanced life, not to neglect one thing and use another in moderation. And self-discipline doesn’t exactly get easier for me the older I get.

Still, I’m not complaining. I love my busy life and now and then with a touch of sweet and salty. We each make choices and have priorities, and each of ours is different. We are made up differently and beauty blooms in each one’s uniqueness.

I, being Johnell, may not bloom in the gym as often as is good for me, but I certainly bloom after every weekend in my beautiful Monday maxi dress!