Nadia Beukes back on the box after five years


A few years ago, Nadia Beukes would not have even considered taking on an evil character. Today, however, she looks at dubious characters from a different lens – they are a challenge, and one she will never be afraid of again.

Nadia makes her debut tonight (Monday) in the kykNET telenovela Deep waters as the sly Michelle, a character who challenged her to the core.

“At the beginning of my career I was wary of playing other types of roles because I didn’t understand the characters or where they came from.

“I realized that the character is not me, it is a role that I play. I understand where she is coming from. Do I agree with that as a person? No.

“There is good and bad in the world, and to represent the good or the bad in a story, it is necessary to tell the story. At the end of the day, that’s where my heart lies – to tell stories.”

It has been about five years since Nadia last showcased her acting prowess on the box. Her last appearance as an actress on the small screen was in the kykNET soap opera Married to rugby.

She was pregnant with her and David de Villiers’ first child, Davey, when she decided to shift her focus instead.

“The children are only small for a short time, and this type of work is long hours. There is also not 100% routine around it, and I wanted to give the children routine.”

Little Davey turns six later this year, while his little brother Joshua turns four in June. Being a mother is a role that Nadia was cut out for, yet she is excited to spread her wings as an actress again.

Of course, she hasn’t been completely quiet these past five years. Nadia has taken on various presenting roles, returning to the stage in 2022 for a role in The vow and has up to and including the beginning of this year The Sound of Music appearing alongside Craig Urbani and Brittany Smith, among others.

Nadia believes that nothing in her career can be seen on its own. One role flows into the next, and in between she learns something new each time, not only about her art, but about herself.

She attributes her recent success to the fact that she The vow could appear. She admits that she was scared before she took on the role and that she actually wondered if she still had it in her to enter the stage in a musical.

However, the production rekindled her love for the theater and made her believe in her abilities. This in turn led to the day she decided to audition for Sound of Music ‘s charming Baroness.

“I don’t know if it can be attributed to the fact that I’m on the side of 40 or if I’m a mother, but I’m looking forward to challenges. Michelle in Deep waters is a challenge for me, one that I would like to take on again in the future.

“It’s nice for me to be able to work. I really like my job and realize more and more that storytelling is my calling. I want my children to see that you can work hard and that your dreams can come true.”

  • Deep waters can be seen Monday to Thursday at 18:30 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.