Nampo in pictures; were you there


The Nampo Harvest Day outside Bothaville attracted a record number of around 86,500 visitors this year.

From Tuesday to Friday, people traveled from all over the country to attend this unforgettable agricultural show.

Dr. Dirk Strydom, Grain SA’s head of Nampo, marketing and research development, told RNews that he was delighted with the number of visitors who poured through the gates of Nampo Park in the past few days.

“We are really blessed with four good days at the Nampo Harvest Day. We had more visitors every day compared to last year. It was four happy and sunny days. We even welcomed a record number of visitors of more than 25,000 to Nampo on Wednesday.

“The feedback we received from businesses and exhibitors was also particularly positive. They are satisfied with the large number of visitors and the networking opportunities that the Nampo Harvest Day offered them again this year.”

Many visitors and exhibitors also told RNews that the Nampo Harvest Day is definitely one of their favorite markets.

Dennis Hamer of Hugo Flear Fashion Design says the fact that Nampo brings together people from all over the country makes the event particularly successful for him.

“This is one of the best markets we know. We saw people from Tzaneen, Cape Town and Nelspruit here. They come from everywhere, young and old. Everything is clean and tidy and the spirit here is something phenomenal,” says Hamer.

“I love the Nampo Harvest Day. It is incredibly well organized and very safe. It’s a bit far from Saldanha Bay, but I’m happy to travel the more than 1,200 km to be here,” says Sandi Hitchens, owner of Spats and long-time exhibitor at the Nampo Harvest Day.

Strydom says the producers were also delighted with the business opportunities and negotiations that could take place here.

A total of 86,474 people visited Nampo Park, many simply on a plane to attend this event.

The overall movements of aircraft – planes coming in to land and then taking off again to transport other visitors to Nampo – stood at more than 600 on Friday.

This includes business people and overseas visitors. About 30% of the people who flew to Nampo were producers.

“We are very grateful to every visitor who made the 2024 Nampo Harvest Day so successful, we hope to see you again next year,” says Strydom.

Visitors flying to the popular Nampo Harvest Day at Bothaville in the north-west Free State later this month can expect a generous welcome in a tent set up especially for them.
The gates officially opened for the 56th Nampo Harvest Day outside Bothaville in the Free State on Tuesday.