NASA spacecraft sends final message to Earth


Nasa’s Ingenuity helicopter has delivered its final message to Earth.

The craft with a weight of around two kilograms and a length of three meters will now serve as an immobile data collection unit on Mars’ surface.

“A long goodbye,” Nasa said on X on Wednesday.

“Ingenuity’s team received its final message from the #MarsHelicopter, which will now serve as a stationary test bed, gathering data that could benefit future explorers of the Red Planet,” the entry reads.

The Ingenuity helicopter was originally only intended to prove that a flight is possible in the ultra-thin Martian atmosphere. However, Ingenuity exceeded all expectations.

The helicopter made history three years ago by achieving the first powered flight on another planet. RNews reported at the time that this craft took off from the surface for the first time on 19 April 2021.

In total, Ingenuity was deployed 72 times, logging more than two hours of flight time in short hops while overcoming dust storms, treacherous terrain and icy conditions.