Nerve-wrenching fluctuations shake ‘Plaasjapie’


Farm boy– presenter Ewan Strydom made for a tension-filled episode in Thursday’s delivery of this kykNET reality series after he gave the programme’s two teams, Oranjezicht and Groenkloof, a proper shake-up.

Ettienne, Pieter, Anelda, Zanie and André are now the new Oranjezicht, while Groenkloof now consists of Monique, Blue, Liovian, Michelle and Riaan.

It seems that these moves evoked mixed feelings among the farm lads.

Pieter, the only original Oranjezichter, admits that he feels insecure for the first time in the series, while conker Etienne is somewhat nervous to be on a farm with his original teammates again.

RNews recently reported that in last week’s episode he was moved from Oranjezicht to Groenkloof to balance numbers between these two teams.

According to Etienne, this initial move came at the perfect time, seeing that his teammates were fed up with him and his “friendly enemy” Milandie’s little voting plans.

“Yesterday was fantastic for me. Now I’m back in a group on a farm with my old teammates who I don’t want to be with at all,” Etienne admitted in his video diary.

He also didn’t let him wait to try to forge an alliance with Pieter, but Pieter admitted that he must first see the cat out of the tree and try to understand his new teammates’ dynamic.

At the new Groenkloof, Riaan apparently quickly got on teammates Michelle and Liovian’s bad side after he saw them at the play-play Farm boy-auction advised to follow his lead before raising their signs.

Here each team has 5,000 Farm boy-coins, after which they were able to bid on various items, including milk tarts and cookie cutters, a bush cutter, as well as a toaster oven, sausages and chops.

Groenkloof’s Blue, who put in a blind bot and won, is consequently even a penny richer. This allows players to “buy” more time on the farm, should they fear being voted out, but it also lowers the competition’s R1 million prize pool.

Blue chose to keep his additional pickle penny a secret from his teammates for the time being.

André, Michelle and Liovian were also not impressed with the condition of their new home on Groenkloof.

“It seems as if little work has been done here. We realized then that we were now going to have to do everything all over again,” a despondent Michelle said in her video diary.

“I’m shocked, the condition of this farm… No wonder Ewan just asked if there was water for the animals,” André added.

Although there was no knock-out challenge and co-op visit in Thursday night’s episode, Ewan did make for yet another nerve-racking moment after he asked each team’s new farm manager, Pieter and Blue respectively, for their teams’ “back ox, donkey or black sheep” to highlight and give the go to the other farm.

However, viewers will have to wait until next week to see who will make these moves.

  • Farm boy can be seen Thursdays at 20:00 on kykNET, DStv channel 144.