New attitude our only salvation


By Marcel Vosloo

South Africa at the moment, if we think of a boxing match, is the boxer who has received a vicious blow to the head, is now on his knees on the chalk floor, and does not know where he is and how he is going to get out of his predicament don’t come

Many meetings are held, there is much planning and talking, but apparently nothing changes. There are just more murders, just more protests, just more deterioration in service delivery and there is just more gender violence and crime in general. Racial tensions are on the rise.

Some time ago we still thought that a few changes to the country’s laws and better policing were all we needed to get our country back on track. Meanwhile, and this still after the disaster of Covid-19 that hit the world, it seems that the largest part of the population has lost their trust in the government, our law enforcement and economic planning for the future.

It sounds like everyone is just pessimistic about the country and the future. The question is whether there can be a turnaround? Can circumstances change in such a way that South Africans can become positive and excited about the future, feel safe again, become positive about the economy, have goodwill towards every other citizen?

At the moment there is apparently only one last resort for a new positive look at our country and its future. This is not a new law on labor relations. It is not the discovery of rich mineral resources. There is only one hope for South Africa and that is that every South African citizen will experience inner renewal. Our hope does not now lie in external changes, our hope rests solely on the fact that a new spirit/attitude will arise in the country.

An example from the sports world

Many South African fans wondered in 2019 and 2023 whether South Africa’s rugby team could win the world cup. Yet they did it. Dr. Danie Craven said that 50% of the outcome of a rugby match is determined by what happens beforehand in the dressing room. It was very clear that Rassie and Jacques Nienaber got the Boxing team in the right place mentally: They had a clear plan for the whole tournament, there were good mutual relations and they played for each other. Of course everyone was top fit, there was a lot of sweat and hard work to achieve what they did achieve. The entire team bought into their collective vision, and they trotted onto the field for their country’s honor.

As a believer, my prayer is that a game plan or vision will emerge in South Africa that will excite every resident in this country.

When we can get the vision that we are “Team South Africa”, the whole spirit in this country can be changed. When people get excited about our wonderful country and can be convinced that we are all part of this team, with a spirit of cooperation and appreciation of each other, a miracle can happen in this country that we love.

With a new sense of unity and appreciation for each other, we will respect each other and seek each other’s advantage. We will want to help with job creation and respect each other’s bodies and property. Everyone will realize that the country’s laws are for your neighbor’s and your own benefit, therefore law-abidingness will increase drastically. We will no longer be focused on the past and our mutual differences, but we will focus on the future in which everyone’s happiness and benefit will be sought. We will look at our team’s strengths and help each one to live up to his/her full potential.

When a nationwide action is launched, a fire can be lit in our people’s hearts that can lead to a popular movement. The outcome of such an action could be that a civic movement of positive South Africans can be established that represents the entire spectrum of our country.

A good starting point could be to invite a variety of current and former sports heroes to form, together with the necessary experts, a group of leaders who can inspire the country and its people to a spirited and purposeful South Africa. Let benevolent business people sponsor such a movement. Let’s find an inspiring song that is the theme song to unite and inspire the people.

Part of such a project could be to give every learner in the country a small SA flag with the motto “Team South Africa” ​​and perhaps key phrases such as “respect your team members, work hard, win together”.

A possible 10-point “game plan” for each team member:

  1. Love and be proud of South Africa.
  2. Realize how important your contribution is.
  3. Look after each other, because we are a team.
  4. Appreciate your work and help the unemployed find work.
  5. Be honest and trustworthy.
  6. Respect every other person’s humanity, property and body.
  7. Respect every authority figure.
  8. Cherish family life.
  9. Together, build a safe environment where everyone can move around with joy.
  10. Do everything in dependence on God.

Let’s team up and win together!