New characters, nerve-racking mysteries in ‘The Axe’


Four characters that viewers have come to know over the years, a character who is back in an attempt to make peace with her past and two new team members who join the unit.

This is what awaits viewers in the long-awaited fifth season of the ever-popular kykNET series, The Axe.

Byl (Waldemar Schultz) finally enjoys autonomy over the unit, but the new members in the team – and especially the psychologist appointed to monitor the team’s mental well-being – do not make it easy every day.

There are also a few serial killers who test Byl and his team to the limit and one who keeps escaping and taunts them with increasingly macabre acts.

Byl’s mainstays, Juan (Marvin-Lee Beukes), Nicki (Milan Murray) and Lena (Lika Berning), are still there, but sniper Jo Verwey (Amalia Uys) now consults as a weapons expert and helps Byl and his team where she can .

Captain William Miller is the new profiler who is appointed in Lena’s place – quiet and handsome, but unconcerned about his appearance. He is extremely capable and can turn on the charm when needed, but he carries a heavy part of his past.

William comes from a rich family and his father, a psychiatrist, hoped he would follow in his footsteps. However, he chose forensic profile analysis and continued his studies in Ireland. There he married an Irish woman, but after she lost her battle against depression, William returned to South Africa. He approaches Byl who immediately sees his potential and hires him in Lena’s place.

Tyrone Keogh, who plays the role of William, started working in the entertainment industry at a young age and appeared in several commercials before becoming a director of music videos and commercials. His father is the actor Danny Keogh and his mother, Debbie, is a film producer. He is known for roles in The Wild, Dominion, Black Sails and The Girl from St. Agnes.

Dr. Anton Fourie (Marcel van Heerden) is the new pathologist who joins the team. Anton is a sought-after specialist in his field. He and Dr. Fritz knew each other well, but had been in competition for years to show who was the best. Anton, who was previously married and is a father of two, is a seasoned chess player and a worthy opponent for Byl.

Other players who regularly make their appearance are Ira Blanckenberg as the psychologist dr. Mia Labuschagne, Jacques Bessenger as the journalist Alex Kruger, and Anrich Herbst as captain Buks Botha.

On the production side, this season is of The Axe managed by a strong team with a group of talented women who held the reins.

The series was written by Elmarie Botha, Berdene Burger, Lorraine Burger, Igna Botha and Tina Kruger with Elmarie as story planner and producer. Berdene is the overall series director, but Nina Swart and Liezl Spies were also in the director’s chair for some of the episodes.

“Herman Binge and Leon Kruger have an enormous share in the success of The Axe had.

“Their deaths, both in 2021, left a huge void. This motivated the creative and technical teams to put absolutely everything they had into the new season. One wants to believe that they would be proud of what we accomplished,” says Elmarie.

The Axe starts on Tuesday 16 January 2024 at 20:00 on kykNET (DStv channel 144) and will also be available on DStv Stream and Catch Up.