New flight route from Cape to Kruger


FlySafair has introduced a new flight route that will be a big boost for South Africa’s tourism industry. This flight connects Cape Town and the Kruger National Park.

FlySafair begins on 2 April 2024 with fortnightly flights offering unprecedented convenience and accessibility for domestic and international tourists.

This strategic expansion is expected to stimulate tourism and capitalize on South Africa’s diverse tourist attractions that range from spectacular beaches and cosmopolitan city centers to nature-rich grasslands and vineyards, says FlySafair in a statement.

“FlySafair’s new Cape Town to Kruger route is a boon for tourism in South Africa,” says David Frost, CEO of the Southern African Tourism Services Association (Satsa). “With Cape Town’s international return figures at 1.4 million just in the first half of 2023 – more than pre-pandemic levels – and the Kruger National Park attracting around 4 million visitors last year, it is clear that these destinations represent a special place on the international travel card.”

Euan McNeil, managing director of the Flight Center Travel Group South Africa, agrees.

“Until now, there has been a very limited connection between these two popular destinations. FlySafair’s new route will attract more visitors to both regions, as well as the nearby Cape Winelands. The route is particularly good news for multigenerational travelers. It provides access to different experiences for people of different age groups. The industry not only builds bridges geographically, but also across generations.”

Giltedge CEO Murray Gardiner is also excited. “This is an excellent addition to FlySafair’s already impressive network. It connects two of the most sought-after travel experiences in South Africa. Visitors no longer have to choose between the urban charm of Cape Town or the wilderness of the Kruger – they can enjoy both effortlessly.”

The maiden flight for this route will use FlySafair’s Boeing 737-800. Tickets start at R1 851 for a single flight and flights depart Cape Town every Tuesday and Saturday at 09:00 and land at the Kruger National Park around 11:30. The plane then turns around and departs Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport at 12:05 and lands in Cape Town again at 14:50.