New jacket for Wonderboom Airport


An exciting new era has dawned for the Wonderboom Airport in Pretoria after the Tshwane Metro decided to transfer the airport to the private sector through a tender process.

Kamogelo Mangena, the Tshwane metro’s spokesperson on roads and transport, says the metro, led by Cilliers Brink, on Wednesday approved a report for a new operating model for the Wonderboom airport.

“The Wonderboom airport is an important and strategic asset for the city. However, it could not be operated and developed to its full potential for decades.

“After we investigated various possible solutions, the Tshwane metro decided to create an environment where the involvement of the private sector can enable the airport to function optimally and reach its full potential,” says Mangena.

She says the continuous financial investment and municipally driven efforts by different political administrations were unsustainable.

“After looking at different models and sustainable solutions for the airport, we found that it would be best to keep the airport and lease it to an operator in the market. In this way, we will allow the private sector to develop the airport and the surrounding area for the benefit of residents in the city.”

According to Mangena, the Tshwane metro approved a plan and instructed the city manager to assemble a technical team to oversee the process and to procure the services of a transactional consultant to guide the process.

“The adoption of the new operating model for Wonderboom Airport has the potential to attract investment, create opportunities and drive economic growth.”

Peter Meijer, FF Plus board member and chairman of the economic development and spatial planning committee in this metro, says the FF Plus wholeheartedly supports this decision.

“This innovative step was taken with the aim of transforming the airport into a powerful economic catalyst for the Tshwane metro. The transition to private management promises to provide significant financial and job creation benefits for the community.”

He says the private sector now has the opportunity to deploy its economic power, through investments and renewal of infrastructure.

“Through this, Wonderboom Airport can strengthen its function as a key determining link in Tshwane’s economic development.”

Meijer believes that the public tender process ensures an honest, transparent and competitive selection and appointment of the best qualified and suitable private company to manage the airport.

“Through this, the interests of the community are protected and an opportunity is provided for a successful partnership between the public and private sector.

“The coalition government in the Tshwane metro, of which the FF Plus is a part, is determined to create a synergy of cooperation that will benefit Wonderboom Airport and the wider community.”

According to Meijer, this initiative is clear evidence of the council’s commitment to promoting economic growth, job creation and accessibility through aviation for commercial and private transport purposes.

“Based on the decision, the future of Wonderboom Airport looks promising and the Tshwane Metro looks forward to working with the private sector to unlock a new era of prosperity and opportunities for the metropolis.”