‘New plans’ for Cape independence


Several organizations have expressed their disappointment at Allan Winde, Prime Minister of the Western Cape, refusing to call a referendum on Cape independence. However, this appears to be far from the end of the matter.

Winde responded to a written request by the Cape Independence Advocates Group (CIAG) for a referendum on Cape independence. In a letter to Phil Craig, spokesman for CIAG, Winde says he does not believe that the Western Cape should be independent from South Africa.

Dr. CornĂ© Mulder, the FF Plus’ leader in the Western Cape, says the party is disappointed with Winde’s decision.

“The people of the Western Cape have the right to express their opinion on this and to decide whether they want to remain part of the ANC’s work of destruction in the rest of the country.”

Craig says the advocacy group is “disappointed, but not surprised”. He says supporters of Cape independence can be assured that CIAG has had contingency plans for exactly this scenario for some time. These plans will be announced during a media conference this coming Thursday.

“The purpose of the letter to Prime Minister Winde was to put an end to the matter and give clarity to supporters of Cape independence.

“We may not like it, but now we know where we stand.”

A poll conducted in August 2023 by Victory Research on behalf of CIAG indicates that 68% of Western Cape voters, and 79% of Western Cape DA voters, support a referendum.

Mulder says Western Cape residents should be given the opportunity to express themselves in a referendum on their future expectations. “It’s the right democratic thing to do.”

He says that according to the Constitution the prime minister is empowered to call a referendum and the FF Plus in the Western Cape supports it.

“The party is unequivocally of the opinion that Western Cape people should be allowed to speak for themselves. There is already great support for holding a referendum in the Western Cape among residents. Online opinion polls have already proven this on more than one occasion.”

He says the more than 800,000 registered members of CapeXit who campaign for the secession of the Western Cape and who have already expressed themselves in favor of a referendum, serve as further proof of this.

“It is not good enough for Prime Minister Winde to hide behind the case of the Cape Forum on the constitutionality of referendums which is currently in the Constitutional Court. If the prime minister really had the interests of the people of the province at heart, he would have supported the proposal for a referendum.”