New podcast about foreign news


South Africa may be geographically far removed from the war in Ukraine, conflict in the Middle East, the Taiwan Strait where Chinese fighter jets stand watch or the American states where a fierce election campaign is currently raging, but that does not mean that we do not have a have a lively interest in what is going on in the world.

To discuss and analyze international news events weekly, set RNews this week the new podcast, “Wëreldwys”, announced. It will be presented weekly by Jaco Kleynhans, head of international liaison at the Solidarity Movement.

In the first episode of “Wêreldwys”, the famous Dutch journalist Wierd Duk talks about the new coalition government in the Netherlands and what its implications are for the whole of Europe. The upcoming European elections, during which all members of the European Parliament are elected and which take place from 6 to 9 June in all 27 EU member states, are also discussed, as well as Europe’s attitude towards the war in Ukraine and or the security threat over the following few years may change or increase.

Sebastiaan Biehl, a well-known author on RNews, talks from Berlin about political events in Germany, including recent political violence, the position of the current (unpopular) German government and the election campaign for the EU Parliament. Three German states, all in the east, also vote later this year and an interesting campaign is unfolding there.“Wërldwys” will try every week to bring you up to date on the week’s important international news events, but will also do an in-depth analysis of important matters.

The American election campaign, the election of a new president for Iran, the conclusion of the Indian election which spans over 44 days, security issues on different continents, the activities of international organizations and also international economic trends will be discussed.

Each week we will also ask: How do these events affect us in South Africa? Make sure you watch or listen to “Wërldwys” every week from now on! And send suggestions or tips about what you’d like to hear on the show.