New telenovela beckons for kykNET&kie


A brand new telenovela, Twilight ground, will make its debut on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145) in July this year. It will in place of Arendsvleiwhich celebrated its 1,000th episode in January this year, is being broadcast.

“We are delighted with this fantastic opportunity. The fresh and exciting cast will bring an epic family saga to the box office,” says Roxanne Blaise, the lead director of the daytime drama.

Twilight ground takes place in Gemoedsdrif, a small town in the Western Cape, and revolves around the Louw family and their beautiful flower farm. The Louws’ peaceful existence is turned upside down when unexpected guests arrive who threaten to reveal shocking family secrets. Old wounds are opened and new bonds are forged to save and protect the Louws and their legacy.

Marissa Drummond, known for her roles in series such as Trackless: The Island, Fair weather & warm and Southeastwill also direct for Twilight ground serve. Bobby Stuurman, what with Arendsvlei received his training as a director, is the trainee director and dialogue coach.

Between them, the formidable writing team has worked on every beloved soap and telenovela in the country: Jo-Ann Scholtz (7th Avenue), Johann Davis (Arendsvlei, Southeast), Alyzzander Fourie (High Rollers, Isidingo), Margaret Goldsmid (Deep waters, Arendsvlei, Abyss), Meesha Aboo (Deep waters, Unseen, Arendsvlei), Kanya Viljoen (Arendsvlei), Lauren Scholtz (Arendsvlei, Deep waters), Henry Cloete (Arendsvlei, Deep waters, Southeast) and Tristam Atkins (Deep waters, Unseen, Arendsvlei, Southeast).

The series is produced by Penguin Films, which produces series and films such as Sara’s secret, fishy f√™shuns, Abyss and Deep waters have to their credit. Roberta Durrant and Andrea Frankson-Titus are the creative producers of Twilight ground.

“We have brought together an exceptional cast and a brilliant team of people behind the scenes to tell this multi-layered story full of secrets, love and revenge. Viewers will be gripped and surprised by all the emotional twists,” says Roberta.

  • The cast of Twilight ground to be announced later, but includes legendary players as well as exciting young talent. Twilight ground starts in July 2024 on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145). It will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 19:30.