News agencies remove ‘manipulated’ photo of Kate


Four major news agencies are accusing Kensington Palace of having released a “manipulated” photo of the Princess of Wales on Sunday.

The news agencies consequently removed this photo of a smiling Princess Catherine on a garden chair, dressed in jeans, a sweater and a dark jacket, surrounded by her three laughing children, George, Charlotte and Louis, from their systems.

This family photo – the first official photo of Princess Catherine since her abdominal surgery in January – was released on Sunday in celebration of Mother’s Day in the United Kingdom after it was taken by Prince William at Windsor last week, according to the palace.

However, the news agencies are now questioning the authenticity of the photo after they noticed on closer inspection that little Princess Charlotte’s left hand is misaligned with the sleeve of her sweater in the photo.

Associated Press was the first agency to withdraw the photo because it did not meet that agency’s photo standards.

“Upon closer examination, it appears that the source manipulated the photo. No replacement photo will be sent,” the news agency informed late Sunday evening.

Shortly afterwards, Reuters also decided to withdraw the photo “after a post-publication review” followed by AFP and Getty Images.

“It has come to light that the material released by Kensington Palace today about Catherine and the children has been altered, so it has been removed from AFP systems,” AFP said in a notice to its clients.

Kensington Palace did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Sunday’s photo of Princess Catherine comes amid an unusually long public absence.

The princess was seen in public for the first time last Monday after undergoing stomach surgery in mid-January, according to photos by the American TMZ.

British media, incl The Daily Mail and The Sunhowever, decided not to publish the photos.