No more way out for ANC on cadre deployment documents


The ANC’s attempt to prevent him from having to hand over all documents relating to cadre deployment to the DA has once again failed miserably.

On Monday, the Constitutional Court ruled against the ANC’s application to set aside an order by a lower court. This means that the ANC is now obliged to hand over all meeting minutes, WhatsApp conversations, e-mails, CVs and other relevant documents from its cadre deployment committee to the DA. These documents, some of which date back to more than a decade ago, must now be handed over within the next five days.

The ANC turned to the country’s highest court, after the Court of Appeal in September rejected the ANC’s application to appeal against an earlier court decision.

The DA MP dr. Leon Schreiber described the ruling as “one of the greatest victories in South Africa’s legal and democratic history”. “The ANC must now reveal the secrets it seems to be so desperate to hide.”

He says the ruling will first of all ensure transparency, by forcing the ANC to reveal how Ramaphosa’s cadre deployment committee laid the foundation for statehood by interfering with public appointment processes.

“The case also has historical value in terms of the ongoing struggle against state capture. These records will reveal once and for all that Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa was personally involved in state creation, in his capacity as chairman of the cadre deployment committee,” says Schreiber.

“Zondo’s commission for the investigation into state capture has already confirmed that the ANC’s cadre deployment committee played a decisive role in the machine that corrupted the public sector and caused it to crumble. It was this committee that illegally interfered and ensured that state makers were appointed.”

Meanwhile, the DA is awaiting yet another ruling, this time in the Gauteng High Court, which must declare cadre deployment unconstitutional.