‘No student dies’ during NWU protest


The North-West University (NWU) has rejected social media rumors that a student died during an illegal protest action on the Vanderbijlpark campus on 27 February.

“No student died as maliciously claimed by unscrupulous individuals,” the university said on Friday.

“It is a fact that a group of students disrupted the university’s academic program and other activities on campus. Staff and students were also prevented from moving around freely after all entrances and exits were blocked.”

According to the university, the actions of these students posed a threat to students, staff and university property. The university says its protective services and the police intervened after the students involved became violent.

“Tear gas and rubber bullets were fired by the police to disperse the crowd. Some students were arrested during this chaotic incident.

“Two students were allegedly run over by a car when another student tried to get away from the crowd. These two students were taken to the hospital and discharged after a medical evaluation.

“One of them had to return for a further medical examination on February 28, but was never admitted.”

The university says support has already been offered to the students involved.

“All incidents that took place on February 27 are currently being investigated, including the incident in which students were allegedly hit by a vehicle.

“We condemn the unnecessary and illegal protest action that led to this accident, and appeal to students not to maliciously spread false information.”

The university says it will also take appropriate action against those who deliberately try to malign the institution’s name.