Novak uncertain about coaching path


There was a time when the Novak Djokovic/Goran Ivanisevic combination was so to speak unstoppable. The titles have been rolling in left and right and even during the vaccination drama of the Covid-19 era, the Croatian has stood firmly behind the Serbian star.

But the five-year partnership came to an end earlier this week when the world’s leading player shared on social media that he had parted ways with Ivanisevic.

Djokovic wanted to pay more attention to his serves in 2018 and he approached the former player to assist him. In his playing days, Ivanisevic was known for his box-hold shots.

“At times we enjoyed a volatile understanding on the court, but our friendship was always rock solid. Thank you for everything,” the 36-year-old player shared on Instagram.

Djokovic has won 12 of his 24 Grand Slam titles under Ivanisevic’s tutelage, but he is not enjoying the best run until 2024.

He lost to the much younger Jannik Sinner in the semi-finals of the Australian Open, while he was later eliminated by Luca Nardi in the third round of the Indian Wells tournament.

It forced him to withdraw from the Miami Open and he should hit the Masters again next month in Monte Carlo, while the French Open also beckons in Paris.

“I still don’t have clarity about who my next coach will be and even if I will hire one again,” Djokovic told journalists in Belgrade.

“Since a young age there have always been coaches in my corner and I am currently trying to figure out what works for me or not.”

Despite the empty 2024 trophy case, Rafael Nadal believes that Djokovic is the best player yet.

“The image that Novak radiates does not always tell the full story. I think he is a good person,” said the hotclaw player in an interview with a Spanish newspaper.

“There are moments where the pot of frustration threatens to boil over. For example, he will smash his racket, but the next moment he is 100% ready for action again. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.”