NWU student’s suspension partially lifted


Shaun Christie, the student at the North-West University (NWU) who was temporarily suspended after he captioned LGBTQIA+ content during an orientation session for freshmen, has just had his temporary suspension partially lifted.

Christie may now participate in academic proceedings on campus again, but he will still not be allowed at public events.

RNews previously reported that AfriForum Youth instructed its legal team last Friday to assist Christie in this disciplinary process following an incident where he allegedly openly objected to the content of a conversation during an orientation meeting.

The grounds for Christie’s temporary suspension were discussed on Tuesday during an internal discussion with the NWU’s disciplinary committee.

He was informed shortly after this conversation that his temporary suspension had been partially lifted. More than 100 students also took part in a silent protest on campus today to show their support for Christie.

Ronald Peters, manager of AfriForum Youth, describes today’s decision as a positive development.

“We consider it a victory for sure. With this decision, the NWU accepted responsibility for their initial decision to suspend Christie and deny him access to campus. However, the further process is still unclear as no formal disciplinary action has been taken against him. However, AfriForum Youth will eventually assist him.

“Freedom of speech is a constitutional right that must be protected. AfriForum Youth stands firmly behind Christie who took a stand for freedom of speech,” says Peters.