Oberholzer helps Eskom ‘stay standing’ through dark times


“Jan Oberholzer is a contemporary hero and someone whose role will still be appreciated throughout history.”

That’s how Dr. Dirk Hermann, Solidarity’s chief executive, said on Tuesday after the announcement that Oberholzer will finally part ways with Eskom at the end of this month.

As former chief operating officer, Oberholzer’s 30-year tenure already came to an end in April this year. He has since agreed to make a continued contribution to the organization as a consultant and would look after projects at the Koeberg and Kusile power stations in the future.

The consultation period of two years is now abruptly ended and is done by means of a common agreement.

Hermann lamented Oberholzer’s sudden departure.

“Oberholzer’s time at the power supplier was characterized by endless giant challenges in later years. This is precisely why his knowledge and input were so essential. He was an Eskomite to the core. His technical knowledge came at the right time to prevent an implosion of Eskom. He was able to slow down the speed at which Eskom was deteriorating.

“It’s a shame it’s coming to an end now.”

According to Hermann, Oberholzer will certainly remember the Eskom of earlier years much differently than the later years, but his contribution in later years was equally important.

“Through the dark times, his work ensured that Eskom could remain afloat. His actions may also have bought the necessary time for the private sector to enter power generation in the country.

“Solidarity believes that these contributions from Oberholzer probably paved the way for a sustainable and decentralized energy landscape in the country’s future.”

Eskom thanked Oberholzer on Monday for his dedicated service, knowledge and valuable contribution in his office.

Oberholzer was Eskom’s chief operating officer until his retirement in April 2023 after 30 years of service.