Obtain legal advice on cultural heritage in Lichtenburg


The Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations (FAK) is approaching legal advice on what the next step is to force Ditsobotla municipality to take action. It is about the shameful destruction of the precious cultural heritage of Lichtenburg and its museums.

“It’s such a frustration to see responsibilities being thrown around because no one wants to accept accountability. If it is the poor management of the local government, what is the future of the museum?” wants to know Barry Müller, cultural coordinator of the FAK.

The FAK has been in discussion with the municipality for more than three months after a fire in a locomotive, which forms part of the exhibition at the North-West Agricultural Museum, shed light on the overall state of affairs at this museum.

Meanwhile, the FAK also learned of theft, vandalism and sheer mismanagement, which are the order of the day.

The FAK has written several letters to the municipality in an attempt to prevent further damage and is demanding feedback.

“There are continuous new acting managers being appointed at the municipality and it is clear that the state of affairs in the town cannot be managed at municipal level. How then can they still care about our heritage? It is time to take action,” says Müller.

This museum is central to the South African identity and Lichtenburg was one of the first large agricultural districts. Many precious heritage treasures are housed in this museum and go to waste.

The FAK has also launched a petition for the removal of the objects to a safe haven, until the municipality can renovate the structures on the site and tighten the security, so that the safety and survival of these items can be guaranteed.