Olympics: Paris denies security plans were stolen


The mayor of Paris, France, denied on Wednesday that security plans for the Olympic Games were stolen from one of his employees.

A police source told AFP and the BFM news channel that a USB stick, containing plans for the municipal police for the Olympics, disappeared when a city council employee’s bag was stolen on a train.

The employee put the bag on a luggage rack above his seat. He discovered the bag had disappeared without a trace at the busy Gare du Nord station on Monday evening.

The city council said in a statement on Wednesday that “initial investigations determined that the employee was not in possession of any information about the organization or deployment of security forces during the Olympic Games or Paralympic Games”.

The council confirmed that a complaint had been lodged with the police about the theft. The lost items are believed to contain “personal notes relating to his work in IT support for the Department of Roads and Transport”.

The public prosecutor’s office also said the USB stick “only contained notes about road transport in Paris during the Games”, and not any sensitive security information.

The employee is expected to be investigated to determine if he broke any internal rules by traveling with the USB stick, according to the statement by the city council.

Some 35,000 security forces are expected to be on duty every day for the Games between July 26 and August 11, including around 2,000 municipal police officers from the capital.

The Paralympic Games are scheduled from August 28 to September 8.

In addition to controlling crowds and preventing street crime, the police will also be on high alert for possible terrorist plans with France, which has been a frequent target for Islamic extremists in the past decade.